Join Us for 

The Tale of the Gingerbread Man!

The family show is 

Thursday, February 13th at 6PM in the Primary School Cafeteria.

If your child is Gingy or The Fox for one of the other shows, please join us for their special show, if you can.

important Information

On the night of February 13th, plan to bring your little performer to the cafeteria

(use the back entrance) 15 minutes early at 5:45. Please do NOT come any earlier, the doors will be locked. We want to be fair to everyone so we will not open the doors early.


We will be performing at 6:00PM. Family members are invited but please keep in mind that we don’t have room for ten family members per child. The cafeteria isn’t that big. 


Be sure to arrive on time, we will start at 6 sharp. The play is very short, about 15 minutes; therefore, if one arrives 10 minutes late, the show is almost over. It’s cute but quick! 


If your child cannot attend the evening performance, let your child’s teacher know in advance. 


The children are VERY excited to perform this show for all of you!!!!

Please consider signing up below to help with our After the Night Performance Celebration! We are still looking for some more helpers. If you have already told a teacher that you are bringing juice or cookies then you do NOT need to sign up. 

Thank You So Much!!!