Heart Words

Young writers know there are two kinds of words: Words they need to learn “by heart” and words they listen to, stretch through, and write the sounds out. We use phonics-based spelling for these words. 


Your child will use both kinds of words to grow into a proficient reader and writer!

Below are 4 sets of sight words that students are learning “by heart” each at their own rate. First they will practice reading and writing the set of pink “heart words” until all 16 words are automatic. Soon, the children can write “heart word” sentences like “I love you.” Then the children can move on to the next heart and the one after that. There are 62 “heart words” to help your child become a beginning reader and writer. 

Each child moves at an individual pace.

Pink Heart Words

Watch the I like Book

Draw pictures to go

with each sentence.

Purple Heart Words

Yellow Heart Words

Green Heart Words

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