Welcome to Young Fives

Welcome to our exciting school year together! We are so thrilled to be

spending this year with you and your pint-sized learner. This year is an extremely important educational step and your child’s success will depend heavily on the strength of our partnership. We’re in this together!

Please join us in a year of fun and learning milestones. We look to you as your child’s first and best teacher. You can look to us as new members of your team. TOGETHER, we will do wonders for your child! Our year together will be an adventure. It’s a year with an emphasis on friendship, teamwork, and being kind to each other. Your child learns best through exploration, inquiry, and communication.

Two Teachers

The Young Fives classroom benefits from having two highly qualified teachers team together to work with your child.

Mrs. Tome is a Speech Pathologist with over 17 years of experience helping children with language acquisition.

Mrs. Rhodes has loved being a Primary School Teacher for over 30 years and has also worked as a Reading Specialist at Pal-Mac.


We’ll do lots of singing, acting, dancing, storytelling, counting, writing, drawing, creating, investigating, and reading. Our year together is really about the process, NOT the product.

Much of the instruction in our Young Fives classroom takes place in the form of projects where children have opportunities to explore, observe, hypothesize, question, and discuss to clarify their understanding. The teachers document the children's thinking through transcription of conversations, pictures, and videos.

The classroom employs a regular daily routine that includes plenty of opportunity for children to engage in imaginative free play, artistic work (e.g. drawing, painting or modeling), circle time (songs, games, and stories), outdoor recess, and practical tasks (writing, cooking, cleaning, gardening).

The classroom is intended to be a calming area with plain walls and open-ended toys that lend themselves to imaginative play.

Parents are invited to share a big role in their child's education at school and home. We do look forward to having parents and grandparents volunteer in our classroom!

Things Your Child Needs for a Successful School Year


Please have your child bring a back pack each day. The back pack should be large enough to fit an 8 1/2 x 11 folder, library books, a lunch box, sneakers (in the winter) and extra clothes. No wheels, please.


Most days the children are involved in physical activity. Comfortable clothing is highly recommended. To help encourage your child’s independence, please send clothing they are able to do up themselves. As the winter weather approaches, please have your child practice dressing in his/her snow gear.

Extra Clothes

Although children are always able to visit the bathroom when needed, sometimes an accident may happen. There are often spills at snack or exuberant painting. An extra set of clothes, including socks, can be left in a bag in your child's cubby at school or stay in the bottom of his/her backpack. Please place the clothes in a bag clearly marked with your child’s name.


The right shoes for playground and gym are very important! Leave the high heels for birthday parties and the flip flops for the beach. It’s just safer that way and everyone can participate. We play outside EVERY DAY unless it’s raining hard or below 20 degrees. Yes, we go out in very light sprinkles and in the snow too and it’s fun! Please dress your child appropriately. Every Friday morning, we take walks to the woods by the canal to play and explore. Rain boots and snow boots are a must for this year!

NO Toys from Home, Please

Please do not allow your child to bring toys to school. We have lots of classroom toys. Your child will have the opportunity to share each week in their own Mystery Letter Bag, which will start later in September. Your child also gets to share stories and ideas every day.

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