Lunch in Young Fives

Our lunch time is 11:20-11:50AM.

Lunch Prices: Full Lunch- $2.50 Breakfast- $1.50 Milk Only- $.50

Please consider using My School Bucks to manage your child's payments rather than sending in money or checks to school.

If you want your child to attend breakfast, please let us know immediately. We will not send your child to breakfast without your consent.

The cafe can be a loud and noisy place for first time school kids. In Young Fives we realize this and try to make the transition to school a bit easier. We do a family-style lunch with a grown up sitting with the children during the first month of school. One of the teachers will be eating lunch with the class each day for September to model table manners and proper behavior in the cafe. We want to ease the children's anxiety and make sure they are actually eating the lunches you have prepared for them. The cafe can be a place for mischief and poor choices and having a teacher present at the table cuts out these problems.

Parents are invited to dine with us if you have the time now and then.


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